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Jamonería Online, Ibérico Delikatessen & Weinshop

The Best Ham
”Pata Negra”


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Only the Best Ham in the World, Only d’o Ibérico

Enjoy the freshness of the hand-sliced Ibérico ham.

Because we only cut when you order, as in the Jamonerías.

You will get a freshly sliced and vaccum packed ham from our partner d’o Barcelona.

Are you curious about qualities and tastes? Ask the professionals, ask us!

The First Jamonería in Hamburg

We are Jamoneros.

We love Ibérico ham, and respect the Dehesa forest tradition.

At d’o Ibérico, you will only find free-range, grass and acorn-fed Ibérico pig hams, together with other selected specialities.

Sólo Ibérico, only the best quality, for you.


100% Ibérico Grass-Fed



Paletilla de Bellota



Produced in Spain, Selected in Germany

“The selection process is simple: we only choose what we share at home with our friends”.

d’o Barcelona, the first Jamonería in Hamburg, Iberico Bistro & Winebar is located in the heart of Hamburg (Europa Passage - UG1.).

d’o Iberico OnlineShop brings the best from d’o Barcelona to your home.

Alejandro is co-founder of d’o Barcelona and CTO of doIberico.com. Studied Business Administration in Spain and Italy and works in Hamburg as broker.

Ester is co-founder of d’o Barcelona and COO of doIberico.com. Studied Business Science in Barcelona and works as Tax Advisor.